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Have you always wanted a job working the Casino strips? You may have visited the Casinos yourself and been drawn in by the excitements of the games and the glamour of being a dealer, you may have thought this would be an amazing place to work. If you are the sort of individual that can work in fast paced and high stress environments then this would be a job for you.

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How Casino Workers Are

If you would like to work the Casino floors, you will need amazing communication skills as well as good carisma. This type of work means you will be working with people from all walks of life and many different backgrounds. Not all people will be happy as some won’t like loosing their money, which may make them difficult to deal with at times and this can be very challenging.

You must also have very good coordination and be comfortable that you are being watched by other floor staff, security and round the clock CCTV and your every move will be scrutinized. You may also get the job easier if you have past experience dealing with cash.

The Training

Many Casinos offer on the spot training within the Casino itself, but many of the people who want to work Casino floors enroll in a course before they go onto applying for the jobs, this will help a lot, especially gambling school and dealer schools. There are plenty of gambling school available to enroll at in las vegas, there is even a casino college!

When enrolling make sure you get review online from the people who have done and passed the course, there is nothing worse than enrolling to a fake or dud course where the teachers have no idea themselves. Find one with a good reputation.

Get A Licence

In the USA some workers are required to obtain a regulatory licence, this is issued by the state’s gaming commission. The Casino will advise you within interview how to obtain one.

In the UK, Casino workers must do the same but theirs in called a personal functional licence, this is BEFORE they are allowed to work the Casino’s.

Bio: Working at Casinos can be pretty fun if you love working with people from all walks of life, Luke worked at a UK casino or many years and he enjoyed his job, he has since moved on and gone to Las Vegas to apply for the USA gaming licence. He also recommends UK Casino club for anyone wanting to play online you can find out more About UK Casino Club here.

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