Online Casino War is So Popular

Casino War is one of the easiest casino games to play. The game has its origins in a card game with children called War game. And like the rest of the less complex games, Casino War has a relatively high house edge.

The game is played on a purpose built similar to the Blackjack table, and even a seven players can play at once. A standard six decks of cards are used. Each card is classified according to its numerical denomination, ace is the highest card and two is the lowest. The suit of the cards have no meaning in the game.

The game continues in this manner. First, the dealer deals one card to each player clockwise from the player on your left, and a map to itself. The cards to the players in relation to the dealer's cards and what cards have the highest value wins. For example, say you play the game, and you are dealt a nine and the dealer a Jack. So the game is lost. The dealer will take your bet and your cards, and a new deal starts again.

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