Celebrity Poker Players

Instances of people getting restless to play poker online during working hours have been registered in the history of the game, and which continues to be relevant in the present-day world as well. Earlier this September, Senator John McCain managed to create a buzz all around after being caught playing online poker on an iPhone during an important discussion about the present conditions in Syria. He probably isn’t the first person, and surely not the last one, to be found playing Internet poker during irrelevant hours. Despite the fact that he wasn’t playing casino poker and looking for the best sites for poker download USA players, the incident still managed to create a lot of buzz. It is quite sufficient to substantiate the fact that how grand the excitement would be once people found quite a few celebrated figures playing Internet poker for money.

There are some prominent public personalities who have spared some time from their respective professions to visit the best online poker sites and actively indulge in poker sessions. Here is a short list of celebrities that are not just into the professions they are known for, but are also found professing their love for this famous card game.

Michael Phelps

The Olympian adorned with over 22 medals, including 18 gold medals, Michael Phelps manages to escape the swimming pool every once in a while and spend some time at the poker table. By spending some quality time with Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari, and managing to make quite a few live tournament cashes, he is definitely one of the very famous celebrities in the world of poker.

Rafael Nadal

The most popular figure in the international tennis arena,Rafael Nadal, is also found playing a few hands in the online poker rooms. This certainly suggests that poker is not just a sport for avid gamer and gamblers.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin, a well-known banjo player, has been long associated with the world of poker. Though he hasn’t appeared on the tables for quite a long time since the advent of UIGEA act 2006, he can be still seen participating in his most favoured card game at several top online poker sites every once in a while.

David Wells

David Wells has been endorsing poker brands for quite a while now, and is frequently seen wearing a   hat at several occasions during the last couple of seasons with the Yankees. His eternal love for Internet poker can be well ascertained from his surprise visits to several poker rooms.

Wil Wheaton

It is definitely not possible for an actor who played Wesley Crusher in the Star Trek: Next Generation television series to be left out in the list of poker celebrities. During the mid 2000s, Wil became well-known for his amazing skills and gameplay, and has become a prominent poker celebrity ever since.

Lisa Simpson

Though not a real person, Lisa Simpson’s online poker adventures have provided sufficient story to the iconic comedy series. The underage gambler turned a deposit of $5000 into a huge $400,000 reward at an instance, making the episode a pure classic in the history of the comedy show and the game of poker widely popular among the hard-core Simpsons fans.

James Woods

One of the first artists to board the celebrity poker bandwagon and the first one to endorse the Hollywood Poker event, Woods has spent more amount of time in the poker world than any other celebrity. He has been a regular feature at the Foxwoods Resorts Casinos for over many years now, and has also chosen various virtual platforms to play poker online when not present at the live tournaments.

Norm MacDonald

The coveted host of the High Stakes Poker game on GSN, Norman has played a great deal of online poker in the days prior to his new Friday commitment. He is one of those real-money online poker pros who still owe a six-figure amount.

Gilbert Arenas

Though handling the ball of Shanghai Sharks nowadays, Gilbert was once the most sought after players in the NBA. While with the Washington Wizards, Gilbert used to spend half of his time playing poker over several online poker rooms. He was, by far, the only player to be caught playing poker amidst of something important, until the US Senator managed to register his name at the top of the list.

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