Football Betting in Asia - The Biggest Continent with Most Bettors

Asia is the largest continent and it is also a big player in sport betting. The large population has created a high demand for gaming and betting. Thus, it is very common to find bets being made on even the small matches or leagues.
Football betting in Asia is made on various matches and tournaments, from the local matches to international ones. From the World Cup to the English Premier league to the local tournaments, one has a variety of matches on which they may place a bet on.
Types of bets made
The following includes the types of bets that one may place in football betting in Asia:

  • The number of goals scored
  • The possibility of a hat-trick,  penalties, or a sending-off happening
  • The first and last goal scorer
  • The half time score
  • The correct score
  • The amount of corners

In some markets, the bets made are time specific. This means that the bet is made on the event that goal, penalty, card or corner may happen at a specific time, like 10 minutes after the match kicks off.

The different types of handicaps are the 0 handicap, the 0.5 handicap, the 1 handicap, the 1.5 Asian handicap and the double Asian handicap. There are positive and negative handicaps. The Asian handicap makes betting in Asia a more interesting practice. This is because draws are eliminated.  This makes the chances of a bettor making a win high.  The Asian handicap is a practice that is not only limited to Asia but has quickly caught on with the rest of the world. The European gambling industry has included it in its betting practices.

Regulations have also been set so as to ensure that betting in Asia is done within the legal frameworks. This makes the practice safe, secure and reliable to all players. Bookies are licensed so as to ensure that the bettors are safe from crooks. M88 iphone is an example of a licensed online gaming platform.

The revenues made in the betting industry are to the tune of billions. Most bettors think that placing wagers on matches add to the fun of the match and make the experience more enjoyable. Additionally, the betting companies offer competitive pricing and a high liquidity for big bets. 

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