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Keno is the simplest game in the game . We recall the foundation of the game is to pick 4-10 numbers since the nineties . The figures used for one hundred and twenty when keno was played in China. But as the game moved from China to the U.S. has been made easier by reducing the number of 20-90 . It ' also a very profitable game. A dollar can win the player a reward of up to $ 50,000. An entire episode ... Huh? Keno has therefore gained popularity because of its simplicity and the accompanying prize.

There are several variants of Kenos developed in different parts of the world. Keno has also come to the Internet and " Internet keno 'has become a game of exquisite network and Gamble monsters. Video Keno is also very popular among the masses because it's live and direct results . Keno is played in most casinos in the United States , but as a betting game that is not still playing in China because of the fact that in China all types of gambling are illegal.

Shares in winning keno is very low and therefore a variety of techniques such as combination betting etc. must be done to maximize the chance of winning. There is a dichotomy between believers and non - believers of keno strategy. Some believe that keno is played with different strategies , while the second group is of a faltering faith of the United Nations that Keno is a game of pure luck and not art . But the same idea of poker as well. This thinking is wrong for the explicit use of card counting to more experienced players.

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